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April 28, 2011
by 100k

4/27/11 – Chad

this article was reposted from blogfreako, the real life story of superfreako productions told online as it unfolds. two weeks of insanity! so i’m starting to think we’re biting off a bit more than we can chew. i mean we’re … Continue reading


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this article was reposted from, your friendly neighborhood film collective.

just saw this today and thought it was exTREMEly interesting.

there i was, minding my own business, surfing the world wide web in my trusty Netscape Navigator (okay, that last part is a lie) when i suddenly find myself looking at what i thought was a normal old Youtube page. but then i look down and see “Full movie available for rent: $1.99” along the bottom of the clip! needless to say, i was very much intrigued by this message – nay, enticed. so i clicked on the button and what i saw enticed me even further. it was a regular Youtube video but the video was paused and over the paused video was what looked like a ridiculously simple payment dialog box pop-up that was asking for me to pay $1.99 with my credit card! and if i’d put that info into the little widgety thingie, it’d play the video for me. i honestly didn’t pay much attention to the piece itself or even think about whether or not i felt like paying $1.99 to watch it, but i was (like i said) exTREMEly intrigued by its existence at all!

what this presumably means is that an independent content creator – ANY independent content creator – now has the means to make content and post it without having to give it away for free! … okay honestly, is it just me?! cuz this is EXCITING to me!!!

anyway here is the aforementioned clip:

this YouTube Rentals situation is apparently only availabe in the US for the time being, but holy wow is this interesting for us total indie content creators. if you guys learn more about it, and want to share, please do. =D

… wow.

November 23, 2010
by 100k

so now what?

so almost two weeks ago now, i had a conversation with Sam Mestman of we make in a very loud bar in Hollywood. it was actually kind of a heated conversation about independent film, independent content and where they’re … Continue reading