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the “Hula” app & why Ramin Bastani need to change it


UPDATE: We are happy to announce that Ramin Bastani and the others responsible for this app have changed the name to Healthvana. We do believe that it’s a valuable app and now support it. For more information, please visit

This entire incident however has made it very clear to us that so little is understood by the majority of the population on the continent about the people, history and culture of Hawaii, that we feel it necessary to keep this Open Letter online and accessible to the general public. The following should be taken as more an expression of our feelings at the time, and in no way reflect how we currently regard Mr. Bastani and the rest of the Healthvana team. We are extremely grateful that they’ve changed the name and wish them all the luck in the world with their very noble – and now inoffensively named – app.

— Chad Kukahiko (Sept 11th, 2014)


this is an excerpt from the Film Geeks podcast i do for We Make Movies with Garrett Robinson and this is the portion of our most recent episode where i spoke about the offensively-named “Hula” app.

if you want to help the cause please go sign the petition and ask your friends and family to do the same.