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get iTunes to take the offensively named “Hula” app out of their app store


okay, Ramin refuses to listen to reason, so here’s an angle suggested by the amazing JJ Lewis to get Apple to take Hula out of iTunes store. he says they will removed it from the store if they get enough complaints, so this can definitely work.

go here:

the click on (in the following order):

  • iTunes
  • iTunes Store
  • Other iTunes Store Topics
  • The Topic is not listed.
  • type in a brief summary of your complaint, then hit ‘Continue’

from there, you’ll be given the option to email (and probably just that). select it, fill out your info and the complaint – don’t forget to mention the fact that the iTunes app store carries this app and is therefore supporting an offensively named app – then hit ‘Continue’ and there you go!

if you need help writing something, here’s what i just sent:

“The name of the “Hula” app in the iTunes app store is insensitive, offensive and outright cultural misappropriation, and iTunes needs to remove it from their app store immediately. The fact that the “Hula” app is an STDs checking app – though I see how such an app could be useful to people with a certain lifestyle – is particularly distasteful given that hundreds of thousands of native Hawaiians died from STDs brought to the islands in the early years of western contact.

To teach the sacred dance form of hula, one must complete years of study, and the obligations of an actual kumu hula (a recognized teacher of hula) include respect for the history and culture of our people and a devotion to sharing these arts as purely as they can. We Hawaiian people have had so much taken from us over the centuries, we hope that Apple will help us preserve this one thing – the most vibrant existing purely Hawaiian cultural asset – and take the “Hula” app OUT of the iTunes app store.”