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carefully descending – teaser/trailer

this is a teaser/trailer for a short we shot in December 2009 and only recently (as of the fall of 2010) completed post-production on. we’re currently circulating festivals for their 2010/2011 seasons. check out to see where we’re playing near you.

sup, bitches?

a goofy little thing we did for fun in Sept 2010. just had this idear but couldn’t think of a particular reason to do it until my homies at livingarts convinced me to do it just go ahead and do it one week. so we did. enjoy!

last days – selected scenes

selected scenes from the last days project. follow the progress blog at
the last days progress blog.

last days – trailer

a little trailer for last days. follow the progress blog at the last days progress blog.

sloppy seconds

the VERY FIRST our our three san diego 48-hour film festival submissions. this one is the first of just two superfreako productions entries. superfreako productions is the production company i started with my brother, denny. in fact, denny pretty much did all the below-the-line work on this bad boy. it’s raw, but fun and Romina Bovolini and Jordan Liddle are hilarious.

le douche

produced and first AD’d this bad boy for Team Epic Shun in the
’08 san diego 48-hour film festival. denny directed.

interview on geekscape

a little interview chad did with jonathan london from geekscape a while back. ben dunn (jake luger in last days) was there too rapping with us from just off-camera